A SITE SPECIFIC SAFETY PLAN – also know as a SSSP – is not so much about company safety management, but rather safety systems specific to a SITE or project.
While a company may do similar or even the same work on many different projects, each site has its own set of hazards and risks.
The SSSP takes a detailed look and the site and documents are created specifically for this.

It will demonstrate to Clients and Principal Contractors that you have taken suitable precautions to ensure that the health and safety of your employees, nor any other person, is going to be negatively affected by the actions of your staff on site. Why? An employer, or their appointed contractor, is legally responsible for all activities on site . An incident can negatively affect them. For this reason, they need to make sure – as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’ – that your employees will work in a safe manner. Therefore, a safety file needs to be SITE SPECIFIC. The information contained must only refer to the activities of that specific site. It is not a generic document.

SMS Safety Software helps you achieve this. And we can set it up for you.

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How can QSafe help your business? Our software has helped 1500+ business in build compliant safety files – QUICKLY.

Did you know, there is no ‘correct’ way to build a safety file? However, there is an accepted format – ‘common practice’ – which generally acceptable. SMS Safety Software is built around that.


Standard option pricing:

Setup fee for a single site is generally $790
Documentation is supplied in PDF format, which must then be communicated to your workers, and signed by them.

Order hereWill be done within one working day.

We will need to have a short chat about your activities on site.We will provide you with a list of documents needed from you.

Included will be: Management names, worker names, qualifications, site details, tasks to be performed, equipment used, expected hazards, hazardous substances.

Order – Pay by card

Request an invoice for NZ$790 for payment by EFT  (ANZ)

    The following sections are commonly used:

    These are the common items. Contractors and subcontractors will normally required less documentation:

    1. Cover page with scope of works
    2. Health and safety policy
    3. PCBU (Company) responsibilities
    4. Management responsibilities
    5. Worker responsibilities
    6. Detailed safety plan (45 parts)
    7. Contractor and subcontractor lists
    8. SSSP Agreement
    9. Site hazard identification
    10. Risk register
    11. JSA / TA – task analysis
    12. WSNZ Notification
    13. Hazardous substances register
    14. Tool and equipment register
    15. Vehicle register
    16. Training and competency register
    17. Site emergency procedure
    18. General emergency plan and procedures
    19. Activity specific emergency plan and procedures
    20. Incident register